Microsoft Surface Charging Cable


Microsoft Surface Pro 7/6/5/4/3/Go Book Laptop 1/2 Charging Cable.

Supported Output


Mulitple Protection

Temperature Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Output Voltage Surge Protection
Output Current Surge Protection
Overcharging Protection


Power output of USB-C PD Device
Surface Go – 29W or greater
Surface Pro – 34W or greater
45W or 60W is recommended
Surface Laptop – 36W
45W or 65W is recommended


Surface Laptop 2
Surface Pro 6
Surface Book 2
Surface Pro 2017
Surface Laptop
Surface Go
Surface Book
Surface Pro 4/ Pro 3



Can be used with Mac book power adapter

A1540 – 29 W – Surface Go / Surface Pro M3 Only
A1882 – 30W – Surface Go / Surface Pro M3 Only
A1718 – 61W – Not supported
A1947 – 61 W – Support list model only
A19719 – 87W – Not Supported

Package include

Cable only.


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